Parallel Installation on Linux


Just found an old video: How to Parallel installation @ Ubuntu 12.04

2 thoughts on “Parallel Installation on Linux”

  1. Thanks to your YouTube video I am running 2 versions of LibreOffice in parallel. 🙂

    One version is Version: that I am typing this comment & the other version I am running parallel at the same time is LibreOffice that comes standard with Ubuntu 13.10, which is working in the background.

    I would only like to add only one point.
    When I clicked soffice or swriter it opens up in Gedit instead of launching the other version of LibreOffice like in your video so the solution I got was to click the oosplash icon in: /home/kk/LibreOfficeDev_4.2.0.0.beta1_Linux_x86_deb/DEBS/install/opt/libreofficedev4.2/program

    Appreciate your help. 🙂


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