Please say hello to the new SI-GUI

Hello everyone,

With this post the original C# version is being deprecated. In this post “Kotlin SI-GUI” (Separate Installation GUI in Kotlin) will be introduced.

For Windows the basic functionality should work.

This excludes:

  • Bering able to start *.exe files
  • A good error message when trying to parallel install *.exe files
  • Window icons are missing ATM

Without further ado I present the new GUI (which not necessarily means that it is better looking)


Biggest features compared to the old version:

  • List of thinderboxes does not need to be maintained
  • Downloads are grouped by architecture
    • In a future Linux version:
      • DEB 32
      • DEB 64
      • RPM 32
      • RPM 64


Additionally after clicking “start download” you get a nice Window where you can select which files you want to download. I chose “bo” as my helppack language and a 64 bit build.


Settings is also improved.

The list of helppack languages is not hard coded either (looking at /latest build from archive BTW).

Download types for Windows are: EXE, 32-bit and 64-bit. If you are only interested in a subset of these types, you can choose it. This will be considered for the next update.

And by the way, shortcuts can not only be created on the desktop 😉 By default the download and installation folder are temporary locations, the desktop folder is only guessed. So please review these settings!


Some minor functionalities are still missing, but it is pretty usable for testing MSI builds.

You can download Kotlin SI GUI here. (You download an updater app. This updater app will download the latest version of Kotlin SI-GUI. The current version of the updater does not display the download progress, so please be patient on first installation). Java 8 required!

If you have feedback regarding the UI, please comment!

3 thoughts on “Please say hello to the new SI-GUI”

  1. Showing the date of nightly builds would be nice, so you can have an idea about if it is recent or not.

    1. As the download locations are cached I am not sure how to do this efficiently. However, before the download starts the name of the file to download is shown.

      I hope this is enough… Searching for the newest build might be possible, but it prolongs the already long loading time of this feature.


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