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Parallel Installation on Linux


Just found an old video: How to Parallel installation @ Ubuntu 12.04

Linux is better as Windows | LibreOffice is as good as Word


In yesterdays program of the Austrian channel ORF 2 (German) there was some advertisement of Linux (especially Ubuntu), which is ought to be better than Windows as well as LibreOffice being (for most people) as good as Word, maybe even better)

Have a look yourself:

Bisecting LibreOffice (64-Bit Linux needed)


Today is the time to announce the biggest tutorial I have made for LibreOffice yet.

Up to today It has never been so easy to get the daily-bisect repo with LATEST and OLDEST tags. So why do not check it out now! Do you not have Linux? You may try to create a virtual machine running Ubuntu. (Tested with 13.10) Should be working with other 64-Bit Linux as well.

Waiting to hear your reactions 😉