History of the UI of Server Install GUI


Pictures says it all, so please have a look at the gallery. What’s your favorite? Please comment

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5 thoughts on “History of the UI of Server Install GUI”

  1. Hi, is fine.

    But imho, the name “Server Install” does not cover this tool. I mean, when i’ve heard it i thought it is a tool for installing LibreOffice through a server to thin clients/remote comp. etc. But it’s meant to be a parallel installation tool as far as i see.

    Best regards,

      1. Hi Flo,

        I understand that changing the name is painful. Maybe just changing the branding? As in just using the abbrevation and adding a tagline:
        – “LibreOffice SI-GUI — making parallel installations easy”
        – “LibreOffice SI-GUI — making testing LibreOffice easy”
        – … or something

  2. Hi everyone,

    I like the 4.1 version (and the 4.1.1 one).

    P.s: I totally agree with Zeki in that, IMHO, the name “Server install GUI” is a bit misleading (to say the least…).
    At first, I thought it was a tool to install LibreOffice from some sort of server (which naturally does not make much sense with this kind of tool….)
    Unfortunately, I have just read it is not so easy to change it….

    As suggested, a name like “LibreOffice parallel installations” might be far more clear 🙂

    BTW, thanks a lot for your hard work on this very useful tool!


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