Kotlin re-implementaion of SI-GUI


Just a few questions I would be interested to hear am answer.

  1. How often do you change the root folder for your parallel installations? (How often do you change the folder right beneath the “should subfolders be created automatically”?)
  2. What should be the default folder for the above option? (Empty not allowed)
  3. Do you need a list of available helppack languages? Would it be acceptable to connect to the internet for fetching the possible helppack language or do you prepare it hardcore.
  4. Do you need the option not to touch bootstrap.ini file?
  5. Would you like to have a Linux version?
  6. Do you want an Android version (parallel installation does not work on Android, it c only be used to download APKs and offer them to be installed)
  7. Yes duplicate.. please don’t answer! Would you be using it on Linux as well?

Thank you for your feedback!Β Repository of the re-implementaion!

7 thoughts on “Kotlin re-implementaion of SI-GUI”

  1. 1. What do you mean about “change root folder”?
    2. Empty
    3. Yes, i need list with helppacks. Connect to the Internet
    4. yes, i do
    5. YES
    6. No, before it needs make full functional Android Build

  2. 1. Quite often: I create different trees for OOo, AOO, and LO parallel installations, and also for other branded distros that have similar naming schemes.
    2. Doesn’t matter – I’ll change it anyway.
    3. I don’t use the helppack feature.
    4. No. I specifically use SI-GUI because it does that for me.
    5. Yes.
    6. I don’t have this need.
    7. Err… a duplicate for #5?

  3. 1. Never
    2. Whatever.
    3. I don’t use it.
    4. I don’t know what for, but I support it.
    5. Used to want it. I use AppImage now.
    6. Not for me

  4. 1.- I don’t use the option.
    2.- like
    C:\Users\USER\Downloads\LibreOffice 6.0.32
    C:\Users\USER\Downloads\LibreOffice 6.0.64
    C:\Users\USER\Downloads\LibreOffice M.X.32
    for master.
    3.- Second option acceptable
    4.- No
    5.- Not now but seems fine.
    6.- Yes.
    7.- Not for now.


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