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LibreOffice Server Install GUI new UI – Follow up 2


Today was a really productive day, so that I want to share English screenshot of the latest version. (I made a gallery, so that you are able to compare it with the old UI and a side by side screenshot is right after the break 🙂 Any suggestions?

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LibreOffice Server Install GUI – New UI – Follow up

Hi and thank you for all the positive feedback 🙂 I continued developing the new UI and, because of your feedback, the “Download any LibreOffice version” option will not be hidden in the download menu, but get a place in the main UI. ( I am currently working on that functionality 🙂 ) Anyway, here is a gallery, which shows 3 pics this time.

The first is the ancient one from current stable release, the second is the first draft and now follows the second draft 🙂 Any opinions? [Sorry, text on screenshots is in German…]

You may find an update of this post here.

Developing SI GUI – 1


I hope you are interested in how the development of LibreOffice Server Install works…

So, before we begin, I want to thank all of you, who proposed some features. Due to my skills I am only able to react on events inside the application. So, I am currently not able to do something like “on installation finished”…

Whatever, I got a great input, which I thought at first is impossible, but currently I think it is possible: Certainly a “manager” is a needed and now also possible wish for parallel installation of LibreOffice…. I hope that I am able to program this 🙂 . So, do you have questions or ways to improve the program. I am open for input 🙂

By the way, this is my first developer statement, so it is quite short. Please comment questions and I am going to answer it in the next post of this series 😉

Hope to herar from you soon 🙂