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[VIDEO] How to use LibreOffice installation GUI

Wondering how Reisisoft’s LibreOffice Server Install GUI is working. Here a screencast, which hopefully helps you 😉

Don’t have it yet? Download it now!

Promotion of Libotutorials


Now I want to do some promotion of http://libotutorials.wordpress.com/ .

In the very close future, this blog (might be) the right place to search for tutorials (soon).

If you want to make tutorials, you can ask me or any janweber for permissions for writing  blog articles!

It is your chance to make your things public, but you can also link to existing blog post.

If you have any further questions, please write a comment!

Link to the thread @ documentation ML

First bigger summary

Discussion still goes on!

Parallel Installation

The latest Screencast: How  to perform a parallel installation on Ubuntu 12.04?

Parallel Installation.