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LibreOffice Server Install GUI 3.0

Linz (Austria) – Reisisoft releases LibreOffice Server Install GUI 3.0

LibreOffice Server Install GUI v3.0 is an exciting release. It has a whole set of new features, some of them have been inspired by Harald Köster, who presented a list of 15! Items; HK means “inspired by Harald Köster”. So, let’s skip the quotations of people who made this possible and just list them up.

  • Translators:
    • Da – Leif Lodahl
    • Es – Adolfo Jayme Barrientos
    • Fr – Sophie Gautier
    • He – Yaron Shahrabani
    • Pt – Carlos Moreira
    • Sl – Martin Srebotnjak

Without the work of you the software would not be that great 😉

So, now I am going to reveal the new features. If something is not working as excepted, feel free to mail me, leave a comment or (preferred) submitting a bug on GitHub:

  • With this version, downloading the latest master is possible again (There has been a change in the link on the LibreOffice side)
  • Added a header to the built-in downloader. Hopefully I am going to get some statistics from the LibreOffice side….
  • Version of the GUI can be determined now ( HK#4 )
  • Hopefully it is now clear, what “Should a subfolder be created automatically” should mean… (HK#8)
  • Shortcuts pointing to the soffice.exe of the last parallel installation can be created ( HK#10)
  • Manager added ( HK #15 )
    • Parallel installations can be deleted with the manager ( HK#13)

I really hope that this program will help you to enjoy testing the 4.1 master and the 4.0 beta1 of LibreOffice.

Yours sincerely,

Florian Reisinger (Programmer and coordinator)



LibreOffice Server Installation GUI – First final version


We are proud to announce the first stable version of “LibreOffice server installation GUI”

Release notes:

  • Some settings (Language and some paths) will be saved automatically
  • Installation in an automatic generated subfolder is possible now
  • Available languages: De and En (Fr is still not perfect)
  • Some behind the scene things:
    • We are at github
    • We need some tester 😉
    • We need feedback 😉

LibreOffiice is doing a great job !

At Italo’s blog  I heard a complain: Why has LibreOffice so much more contributors, but still “new” features are lacking. New features are important, you can’t change everything now. Have a look at this PDF file ( also by Italo). An online version is planned, one for Android and one for iOS, with LibreOffice a variety of feature tweaks were announced ( One of them is a little bit tricky). So why,, why YOU should blame LibreOffice. Learn C++ and go ahead. Make a new UI, get criticised by some people, some other might give you a helping hand, but radical changes have a bad side too:

  • You have a lot of work programming a new UI
  • Your work might never be accepted, very often you have to do a lot of changes…
  • Even if I repeat myself: You really have to be able to take criticism.

So LibreOffice does, all in all, good work. I exclusively prepared an Updated Version of the (rather unpopular) NO Comments diagram:

NO COMMENT Update:15/03/2012
NO COMMENT Update:15/03/2012

Compared to the number of releases, LibreOffice, or the Team around LibreOffice does a very great job. BTW: Today ( and I have included this) LibreOffice 3.5.1 has been announced. THAT is what WE wanted: We, all of us, are doing a very great job and if you do not think like this there are a few ways possible: