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LibreOffice Server Install GUI 3.0

Linz (Austria) – Reisisoft releases LibreOffice Server Install GUI 3.0

LibreOffice Server Install GUI v3.0 is an exciting release. It has a whole set of new features, some of them have been inspired by Harald Köster, who presented a list of 15! Items; HK means “inspired by Harald Köster”. So, let’s skip the quotations of people who made this possible and just list them up.

  • Translators:
    • Da – Leif Lodahl
    • Es – Adolfo Jayme Barrientos
    • Fr – Sophie Gautier
    • He – Yaron Shahrabani
    • Pt – Carlos Moreira
    • Sl – Martin Srebotnjak

Without the work of you the software would not be that great 😉

So, now I am going to reveal the new features. If something is not working as excepted, feel free to mail me, leave a comment or (preferred) submitting a bug on GitHub:

  • With this version, downloading the latest master is possible again (There has been a change in the link on the LibreOffice side)
  • Added a header to the built-in downloader. Hopefully I am going to get some statistics from the LibreOffice side….
  • Version of the GUI can be determined now ( HK#4 )
  • Hopefully it is now clear, what “Should a subfolder be created automatically” should mean… (HK#8)
  • Shortcuts pointing to the soffice.exe of the last parallel installation can be created ( HK#10)
  • Manager added ( HK #15 )
    • Parallel installations can be deleted with the manager ( HK#13)

I really hope that this program will help you to enjoy testing the 4.1 master and the 4.0 beta1 of LibreOffice.

Yours sincerely,

Florian Reisinger (Programmer and coordinator)