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LibreOffice Server Install GUI 3.0

Linz (Austria) – Reisisoft releases LibreOffice Server Install GUI 3.0

LibreOffice Server Install GUI v3.0 is an exciting release. It has a whole set of new features, some of them have been inspired by Harald Köster, who presented a list of 15! Items; HK means “inspired by Harald Köster”. So, let’s skip the quotations of people who made this possible and just list them up.

  • Translators:
    • Da – Leif Lodahl
    • Es – Adolfo Jayme Barrientos
    • Fr – Sophie Gautier
    • He – Yaron Shahrabani
    • Pt – Carlos Moreira
    • Sl – Martin Srebotnjak

Without the work of you the software would not be that great 😉

So, now I am going to reveal the new features. If something is not working as excepted, feel free to mail me, leave a comment or (preferred) submitting a bug on GitHub:

  • With this version, downloading the latest master is possible again (There has been a change in the link on the LibreOffice side)
  • Added a header to the built-in downloader. Hopefully I am going to get some statistics from the LibreOffice side….
  • Version of the GUI can be determined now ( HK#4 )
  • Hopefully it is now clear, what “Should a subfolder be created automatically” should mean… (HK#8)
  • Shortcuts pointing to the soffice.exe of the last parallel installation can be created ( HK#10)
  • Manager added ( HK #15 )
    • Parallel installations can be deleted with the manager ( HK#13)

I really hope that this program will help you to enjoy testing the 4.1 master and the 4.0 beta1 of LibreOffice.

Yours sincerely,

Florian Reisinger (Programmer and coordinator)



Test LibreOffice version 4 with Windows


I really want to give everyone one big chance, you just have to accept, that it is not perfect now, but you can help to improve the 4.0 release of LibreOffice…

So there are some ways:

1) You 100% know how you want to install a testing build properly

I will give you the links for alpha1+ and (just to be sure) a link to bugzilla, with me automatically added to CC…

2) You are not sure 100%  how you want to install a testing build properly or configure it.

I am going to show it using my program, but it basically is this tutorial.

  • Download my program
  • Press Download latest master
  • Meanwhile:
    • Configure the installation directory
    • If you want to have a subfolder created automatically, check the check box. A name has been created automatically, but you can change it
  • Click: Start installation
  • After installation seems to be completed and you don’t want to have your profile used (and maybe damaged), click open bootstrap.ini and follow the instruction shown in the tool-tip  when hovering over the large texfield. (Don’t worry, you just have to copy one thing – so don’t worry)
  • Open the folder you installed LibreOffice to and open the folder “program”. Double click soffice.exe and you are done.

Your LibreOffice 4 build has been installed parallel to your normal LibreOffice installation with a separate profile.

You can submit bugs in two ways:

However, if you have a question, don’t hesitate and ask me 🙂

LibreOffice Server Installation GUI v2,1


Yesterday v2.1 has been released.


  • Added some languages. Now available:
    • Da (New)
    • De (Updated)
    • En (Updated)
    • Es (New)
    • Fr (Updated)
    • Sl (New)
  • Added Help (Thanks to Rainer)
  • Added Notify Icon wich displays useful information (hopefully)