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LibreOffice Server Installation GUI v1.9

Hi folks!

So, now everything should work as expected….

You can download the program right here. Feedback is highly appreciated…

With this version you can:

  • Parallel install LibreOffice without command line
  • Download the LATEST master build with only one click
  • Edit the bootstrap.ini in order to not override your existing profile

LibreOffice Server Installation GUI

Hi there!

After a long time of inactivity, here is something I have been working on for quite a long time. please, don’t be mad and download it. If there is an update, you will be updated within 7 days.

I am proud to present you my program “LibreOffice Server Installation GUI” with the following features:

  • Ability to perform an admin / server installation [NOT Possible due to a bug in LibreOffice, but as soon as it is fixed it is working fdo#54304]
  • Opening the bootstrap.ini and showing you the snipped, which should be changed
  • Saving the bootstrap.ini with only one click (Administrative right might be compulsory!)

That’s it, but it might be a benefit to the QA team 😉


Now, it’s screenshot time:


Feedback is appreciated

LibreOffice Auto-Update

LibreOffice introduced the new “Online Update”.

Why have I named this post “Auto-update” ?

Well, if you want to, you easily can turn the Online Update to an Auto Update. All you have to do is changing at least one option. (Do not worry, the maximum is two) At first open the Options dialog ( Tools –> Options…). In this dialog open the Online Update settings page.

Make sure, that “Check for updates automatically” is checked and “Download updates automatically” should be checked in the same way. (See picture above).  At this point you may change the download destination to a better destination…

So – now you have transformed “LibreOffice Online-Update” to “LibreOffice Auto-Update”.