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Call for translation – LibreOffice Server Installation GUI


During the last days, and thank you for your help, I got my program translated into:

  • Spanish (Thanks to Adolfo Jayme Barrientos)
  • Slovenian (Thanks to Martin Srebotnjak)
  • French (Thanks to Sophie Gautier)
  • German (That’s my part)

If YOU want to have this add your language (For full list of possible languages see MSDN [Subheading Remarks, the first table, or I can do that for you] an add a new column to this Google Docs file [In order to have the permission to edit, you must have a Google Docs account, because as a standard you don’t have the right to edit, but that is no big problem. I can change it later, but as a start it is safer like it is now 😉

Hope to hear from you soon 😉

PS: Use e.g “en” not “en-us”…