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Bisecting – LibreOffice – YouTube – Now with subtitles!

Just a short update: I have made a transcript of the video I uploaded yesterday. Available languages: [de] and [en]. You may do the same for your language…

Bisecting – LibreOffice – YouTube.


Bisecting – LibreOffice – YouTube

How to bisect – A video tutorial…


LibreOffiice is doing a great job !

At Italo’s blog  I heard a complain: Why has LibreOffice so much more contributors, but still “new” features are lacking. New features are important, you can’t change everything now. Have a look at this PDF file ( also by Italo). An online version is planned, one for Android and one for iOS, with LibreOffice a variety of feature tweaks were announced ( One of them is a little bit tricky). So why,, why YOU should blame LibreOffice. Learn C++ and go ahead. Make a new UI, get criticised by some people, some other might give you a helping hand, but radical changes have a bad side too:

  • You have a lot of work programming a new UI
  • Your work might never be accepted, very often you have to do a lot of changes…
  • Even if I repeat myself: You really have to be able to take criticism.

So LibreOffice does, all in all, good work. I exclusively prepared an Updated Version of the (rather unpopular) NO Comments diagram:

NO COMMENT Update:15/03/2012
NO COMMENT Update:15/03/2012

Compared to the number of releases, LibreOffice, or the Team around LibreOffice does a very great job. BTW: Today ( and I have included this) LibreOffice 3.5.1 has been announced. THAT is what WE wanted: We, all of us, are doing a very great job and if you do not think like this there are a few ways possible:

Better UI for inserting Header and Footer

Today I want to put LibreOffice’s UI in the limelight:

The change is not radical at all, but it should make everything easier. Cédric Bosdonnat added a new UI for the header as well as the footer. Do you think that is not worth talking? It is! Because the very only way to insert a header (or a footer) was till  LibreOffice 3.5 to use Insert –> Header. When you drag your mouse in LibreOffice 3.5 to the right place  a blue button will get visible, displaying either “Header” or “Footer”.

Personally I needed some training, till I discovered when the button is getting visible. Here a quick step by step guide.

  • Do not try to place the mouse, where the button will appear.
  • Place the mouse anywhere in the header (or footer) area
    • After one second you will see the blue button
    • Now get to the button without leaving the header (or footer) area
    • Push the button