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LibreOffice SI GUI – Call for feature proposals

UPDATE: voting is online now

A lot has been done during the last year. Currently this program has many exciting features, like

  • Manager for all installed LibreOffice versions
  • The ability to download 4 different up-to-date versions of LibreOffice
  • Locating and helping to edit the bootstrap.ini file
  • Translated in many languages

These features work really fine for Windows XP to Windows 8 and I really would like to add features. (Please click here to get to the LibreOffice ServerInstall GUI homepage) This post is to collect ideas, which features should be added. I am going to make a list of all possibilities right here. With all of the entries (which seems to be proper enhancements) I am going to make a poll. (Coming in a later post). So please comment, if your enhancement idea is not in the list yet:

  • Adding possibility to download any version of LibreOffice
  • Adding possibility to download any version of OpenOffice
  • Adding possibility to download debug master build
  • <Your idea might be here soon>