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SI-GUI stats


So right after the bug-hunting session (ok, I am a bit late 😉 ) I pulled the statistics today, and I want to share with you 3 things 🙂 [Statistic is available here]

Global bughunt
It was global

Well, as far as I can tell from the SI-GUIstats it was a global success – with France as top nation, congrats Sophie and all the french QA team.

4.3 a1 is #2

I do not know why you downloaded so often,  but as of today alpha 1 of our next release is one of the most downloaded versions since we make the statistic

Good testers!

So, what do tester test? It’s great to see so many of you testing master and the test builds. This helps us to bring out a good “Fresh” branch (lb => latest branch). It is great to see you on the “Stable” branch as well (“ob” => Older branch) to catch anything there as well.

Pie cake where you can see all versions downloaded
Yes, we do release some versions 😉

Thanks for testing so many versions and helppacks :). You know, we always tell QA is not difficult so if you are on Windows, feel free to use SI-GUI, and please share your stats. It’s nice to see your product is used 😀


Test LibreOffice version 4 with Windows


I really want to give everyone one big chance, you just have to accept, that it is not perfect now, but you can help to improve the 4.0 release of LibreOffice…

So there are some ways:

1) You 100% know how you want to install a testing build properly

I will give you the links for alpha1+ and (just to be sure) a link to bugzilla, with me automatically added to CC…

2) You are not sure 100%  how you want to install a testing build properly or configure it.

I am going to show it using my program, but it basically is this tutorial.

  • Download my program
  • Press Download latest master
  • Meanwhile:
    • Configure the installation directory
    • If you want to have a subfolder created automatically, check the check box. A name has been created automatically, but you can change it
  • Click: Start installation
  • After installation seems to be completed and you don’t want to have your profile used (and maybe damaged), click open bootstrap.ini and follow the instruction shown in the tool-tip  when hovering over the large texfield. (Don’t worry, you just have to copy one thing – so don’t worry)
  • Open the folder you installed LibreOffice to and open the folder “program”. Double click soffice.exe and you are done.

Your LibreOffice 4 build has been installed parallel to your normal LibreOffice installation with a separate profile.

You can submit bugs in two ways:

However, if you have a question, don’t hesitate and ask me 🙂

Bugzilla – Some things I want to see (soon!)

I have been working (more or less) with Bugzilla for about one year now. Today I heard, that LibreOffice plans to have their own Bugzilla. So it’s time to talk about Bugzilla:

Better UI

There is no good working desktop client, but if you search just a better UI /at least I love this UI), try this (@bugs.freedesktop.org): Go to the Preferences and choose “Dusk” as your style.

Pros of having our own Bugzilla

  • We could use other styles like
  • We could combine Wiki -+ Bugzilla logins (Link to a rather old plugin. I do not know if it is still working…)
Personally I like this theme by Long Doung ( It is LibreOffice like – somehow…)

Worked on it since late November. Majority of the design work is in place, but fine details aren’t quite there yet. Enhancements can be made as you go along. If you have any questions, I can be contacted through here – http://lduong.com/contact/

  • No one can work properly, if he hates the theme, so we should offer a huge variety of themes (Example: I could never work with the Classic theme.)

Other pros

MediaWiki integration

Strikes through solved bugs


Latest Bugzilla

Why do we recommend anyone the latest LibreOffice (from this or the last branch)?? It is a) safer or/and b) better

So why do we have to use Bugzilla 4.0.2 [4. August 2011](Checked on 19.05.2012), when 4.2.1 is out [18.April 2012]

Quotation of fixes + improvements from: http://www.bugzilla.org/news/ and subpages

4.2.1: 2 security issues fixed

4.2: “It has been a year since we released Bugzilla 4.0 in February of 2011, and this new major release comes with several new features and improvements. This release contains major improvements to search, support for SQLite, improved WebServices, and lots of other enhancements. All of today’s releases contain security fixes.”

4.0.4: “All of today’s releases contain security fixes.

4.0.3: “all of today’s releases contain security fixes.


  • We need additional webspace
    • Is QA that worth??
    • HELL YES! – If bugs.freedesktop is down very often we


So tell me a reason:

Why we are not having our own Bugzilla!

I can’t see any cons! – You?

Bisecting – LibreOffice – YouTube

How to bisect – A video tutorial…


LibreOffice QA testing builds

Do you want to do some QA with LibreOffice? I did some work and uploaded some testing builds at Sourceforge.

For testing you need: 64-Bit Linux, supporting deb-files (like Ubuntu): The right download is linked here: LINK TO UBUNTU LTS 64-BIT.

I hope you like it and submit loads of bugs!!



Personal BSA

Do you know the BSA (Bug Submission assistant) at LibreOffice ?? For some people this is  great, because

  • it is much easier to file a bug compared to freedeskop. I have linked these two sites for better comparability…)
  • It is more GUI, you can click on things and
  • your OS and browser are detected automatically at LibreOffice BSA

I do think that there are some disadvantages too:

  • You have to register to freedesktop
  • Because there is no help, a bugs sometimes needs time to get helpful (NEEDINFO)

So I tried to code a personal BSA. It is neither official, nor is it sure it will ever be used, but I really want to know what YOU think. Please comment your view (BUT please also tell me, whether you are involved into the LibreOffice project and it would be YOUR turn to file the bugs to freedesktop!). Here you get the link to it: pBSA by me


  • Bugs can also submitted in the native language.
  • More bugs will be submitted ==> Might be false positive or duplicates…
  • The LibreOffice community could be the first with a pBSA.


  • Translation and manually filing needed
  • No attachments possible ==> They could post a link or tell that they have a test file. A person could ask the submitter to send him the attachment personally
  • More manpower needed

Finally, I insert here a survey (1 –> Best 5 –> Worst):