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Bisecting LibreOffice (64-Bit Linux needed)


Today is the time to announce the biggest tutorial I have made for LibreOffice yet.

Up to today It has never been so easy to get the daily-bisect repo with LATEST and OLDEST tags. So why do not check it out now! Do you not have Linux? You may try to create a virtual machine running Ubuntu. (Tested with 13.10) Should be working with other 64-Bit Linux as well.

Waiting to hear your reactions 😉

Bisecting – LibreOffice – YouTube – Now with subtitles!

Just a short update: I have made a transcript of the video I uploaded yesterday. Available languages: [de] and [en]. You may do the same for your language…

Bisecting – LibreOffice – YouTube.

Bisecting – LibreOffice – YouTube

How to bisect – A video tutorial…