LibreOffice QA testing builds

Do you want to do some QA with LibreOffice? I did some work and uploaded some testing builds at Sourceforge.

For testing you need: 64-Bit Linux, supporting deb-files (like Ubuntu): The right download is linked here: LINK TO UBUNTU LTS 64-BIT.

I hope you like it and submit loads of bugs!!




Google Input Output

Do not know how to waste your time? Try Google IO.

Here an example, which I made:
LINK – Sorry, was not able to embed it…

Please post a link to your tries

Ask LibreOffice

Have you heard of OSQA yet? It is an Open Source Question Answer System.

Somehow it like a forum, but to be honest, it is not. Why am I blogging this? This very tool is being used by LibreOffice: Questions – Ask LibreOffice. It is not populate and there will be a forum (no warranty) to, so don’t worry.Will you use it? Do you think it is perfect yet, or don’t you?

Please comment!

LibreOffiice is doing a great job !

At Italo’s blog  I heard a complain: Why has LibreOffice so much more contributors, but still “new” features are lacking. New features are important, you can’t change everything now. Have a look at this PDF file ( also by Italo). An online version is planned, one for Android and one for iOS, with LibreOffice a variety of feature tweaks were announced ( One of them is a little bit tricky). So why,, why YOU should blame LibreOffice. Learn C++ and go ahead. Make a new UI, get criticised by some people, some other might give you a helping hand, but radical changes have a bad side too:

  • You have a lot of work programming a new UI
  • Your work might never be accepted, very often you have to do a lot of changes…
  • Even if I repeat myself: You really have to be able to take criticism.

So LibreOffice does, all in all, good work. I exclusively prepared an Updated Version of the (rather unpopular) NO Comments diagram:

NO COMMENT Update:15/03/2012
NO COMMENT Update:15/03/2012

Compared to the number of releases, LibreOffice, or the Team around LibreOffice does a very great job. BTW: Today ( and I have included this) LibreOffice 3.5.1 has been announced. THAT is what WE wanted: We, all of us, are doing a very great job and if you do not think like this there are a few ways possible:

Personal BSA

Do you know the BSA (Bug Submission assistant) at LibreOffice ?? For some people this is  great, because

  • it is much easier to file a bug compared to freedeskop. I have linked these two sites for better comparability…)
  • It is more GUI, you can click on things and
  • your OS and browser are detected automatically at LibreOffice BSA

I do think that there are some disadvantages too:

  • You have to register to freedesktop
  • Because there is no help, a bugs sometimes needs time to get helpful (NEEDINFO)

So I tried to code a personal BSA. It is neither official, nor is it sure it will ever be used, but I really want to know what YOU think. Please comment your view (BUT please also tell me, whether you are involved into the LibreOffice project and it would be YOUR turn to file the bugs to freedesktop!). Here you get the link to it: pBSA by me


  • Bugs can also submitted in the native language.
  • More bugs will be submitted ==> Might be false positive or duplicates…
  • The LibreOffice community could be the first with a pBSA.


  • Translation and manually filing needed
  • No attachments possible ==> They could post a link or tell that they have a test file. A person could ask the submitter to send him the attachment personally
  • More manpower needed

Finally, I insert here a survey (1 –> Best 5 –> Worst):

Better UI for inserting Header and Footer

Today I want to put LibreOffice’s UI in the limelight:

The change is not radical at all, but it should make everything easier. Cédric Bosdonnat added a new UI for the header as well as the footer. Do you think that is not worth talking? It is! Because the very only way to insert a header (or a footer) was till  LibreOffice 3.5 to use Insert –> Header. When you drag your mouse in LibreOffice 3.5 to the right place  a blue button will get visible, displaying either “Header” or “Footer”.

Personally I needed some training, till I discovered when the button is getting visible. Here a quick step by step guide.

  • Do not try to place the mouse, where the button will appear.
  • Place the mouse anywhere in the header (or footer) area
    • After one second you will see the blue button
    • Now get to the button without leaving the header (or footer) area
    • Push the button

LibreOffice Auto-Update

LibreOffice introduced the new “Online Update”.

Why have I named this post “Auto-update” ?

Well, if you want to, you easily can turn the Online Update to an Auto Update. All you have to do is changing at least one option. (Do not worry, the maximum is two) At first open the Options dialog ( Tools –> Options…). In this dialog open the Online Update settings page.

Make sure, that “Check for updates automatically” is checked and “Download updates automatically” should be checked in the same way. (See picture above).  At this point you may change the download destination to a better destination…

So – now you have transformed “LibreOffice Online-Update” to “LibreOffice Auto-Update”.

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