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Just seconds ago I finished the download tab. sorry, that it is in Germann but I guess you see the progress 😉

Java SI-GUI download tab finished




Started to develop the UI today 🙂 That is todays work. First part is to have all the settings I need and a UI for that, then download, then manager and then installer. Hope you like it 😉

PS: The UI (should theoretically [REFERENCE] be style-able via CSS). Hope it does not look to awful yet 😉

UnbenanntJava SI-GUI UI
Todays work

Java SI-GUI -> Downloading works


Just a small update: Downloading works now –> PASTEBIN (Do not worry, this is not the final UI 😉 )

I am still thinking whether to code the UI in JavaFX or Swing. Anyway, I am thinking of a tabbed UI

  • “Download” –> Downloading
  • “Install” –> Installation
  • “Manage” –> Create shortcuts & delete installations (on Windows a “Try to fix problems” (which installs the MS C++ redistributables shipped with the current version). I think IN VERY FUTURE VERSIONS Jay’s cleanup script would be nice to implement
  • “Settings” –> Obvious I guess 😉

This should simplify everything a bit 🙂

Survey – Help improve SI-GUI


Today some polls. Keep in mind you can choose every download from the archive, every Thinderbox and stable/testing/pre-release builds. So not totally the current situation, but close to 😉

As someone said, that SI-GUI has too much options,  please answer which of those you want to have included.

I put a description in the brackets, which is an automatic behavior most of the time or something gets explained in more detail


Thanks for giving me some insight 🙂

SI GUI Java – Archive Downloads


So this time all the available daily and archive dowloads (on page 2, there are 707!)

Continue reading SI GUI Java – Archive Downloads

First step towards a better download detection


As you can see, Java SI-GUI will be able to detect all active thinderboxes automatically.

*active -> Having a downloadable file in the “current” folder. Just a small step, but progress 😉 [Detection needs under 1 second]

I am not inactive ;) — SI GUI v5


Today I released v5 of SI-GUI. It adds support for 64-bit Windows builds (watch out, they are extreamly rare 😉 )

BTW: SI-GUI won’t get new features any more. I keep it to bugfixing as… well… It basically was my first program and it looks like that ;). If I had time I would really like to look into a Java version of SI-GUI…. But apparently no time…. Or not enough 😉

If it is really wanted I could invest some time in late Septemebr / October.

Anyone interested on a redesigned SI-GUI or are you ok with this one?