SI GUI – Now with SDK + Naming

Hi all 🙂

So right before LibreOffice Conference I finished SI-GUI’s LibreOffice SDK support. You are now able to download the SDK and install it via the GUI.

Speaking of GUI, here it is:



Another thing where I need your help is the following:

Current icon
Current icon

The name was always bad and it is time to find a better one, although this will break some links…. And with a name, we need 1 icon (I attached the current). So if you have an idea and an icon, that would be perfect. [This icon is available in 256×256,128×128,48×48,32×32,16×16]

I am happily looking forward to hear your ideas. Enjoy SI-GUI 🙂

BTW: Tell me if you are using it and whether you like it or not 🙂


8 thoughts on “SI GUI – Now with SDK + Naming”

  1. Hi Florian, thanks for your great job.

    Florian LibreOffice Installer -> FLI

    About the program, would be interesting if “Open LibreOffice Installer” folder could remember between last used or the download folder. Now opens in temp folder.

      1. Nice, as you give your hand I take your arm :).
        Last installation directory is used by default but not just after start the application.
        And if this folder could be edited by hand would nice, many times I only need to change a number in it.

        I’m sure great job from a great effort, why not.

      1. Thanks Florian, it’s really nice when people listen.:)

        Perhaps with withe background users could know it is editable.

  2. Are you still looking for a new name for this?
    Why wouldn’t you just call it (Libreoffice) Separate Install GUI. That way you could keep the old acronym and even the icon.


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