SI-GUI stats


So right after the bug-hunting session (ok, I am a bit late 😉 ) I pulled the statistics today, and I want to share with you 3 things 🙂 [Statistic is available here]

Global bughunt
It was global

Well, as far as I can tell from the SI-GUIstats it was a global success – with France as top nation, congrats Sophie and all the french QA team.

4.3 a1 is #2

I do not know why you downloaded so often,  but as of today alpha 1 of our next release is one of the most downloaded versions since we make the statistic

Good testers!

So, what do tester test? It’s great to see so many of you testing master and the test builds. This helps us to bring out a good “Fresh” branch (lb => latest branch). It is great to see you on the “Stable” branch as well (“ob” => Older branch) to catch anything there as well.

Pie cake where you can see all versions downloaded
Yes, we do release some versions 😉

Thanks for testing so many versions and helppacks :). You know, we always tell QA is not difficult so if you are on Windows, feel free to use SI-GUI, and please share your stats. It’s nice to see your product is used 😀

5 thoughts on “SI-GUI stats”

  1. Well the 7 downloads in the United Arab Emirates are all me. 🙂 You can thank Sophie for that as she told me to use it over running the installing it from the commandline.

    The interface was a bit confusing at first as i was selecting an installer file and clicking the ‘Go!’ button next to it rather than the bigger ‘start installation’ button. 🙂 It would be great if there were a means of customizing the installations, as each installation is 1gb. Alternatively have a means of removing some of the bloat by removing the localization that the user isnt using.

    1. Hi,
      That is not possible I fear as it is only is an extraction, not an installation. Was you unable to see the tooltips when hovering over the Go! -Button, there is an In-App online help as well 🙂

      1. Well i’ve written a batch script to remove the clutter from the installation, so the size drops by half. Hope you can incorporate into your program. Will mail it to you. I will check to see if there was a tooltip, but i must not have noticed it, even thought it was there. 🙂

  2. Hi Florian,
    I have found that install daily in the same folder as the previous daily, even seems all is done right, it is not update and the previous remains. Do you know if it is there some parameter to solve it?


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