LibreOffice Server Install GUI – Help (Help needed)

In or “todays evening edition” I included a patch, which made it possible to localize the help.
As I am writing this on my iPad I will keep it short:

Is anyone willing to update the help in English and / or a local help?

Here you can find the current help page,

Any volunteers? (For me as developer of this program it is quite difficult for me to write an easy to understand help….)

Thank you 🙂


2 thoughts on “LibreOffice Server Install GUI – Help (Help needed)”

  1. Although I have never used the software (only following by planet.tdf) I would translate the help to German (with the request that some other German would do a copyedit afterwards!)…

    Do you have the help in plain text?

    1. Hi and thank you for your help!
      At the moment it might be wise to wait for a revision of the original English document.
      I will contact you via mail, if the English text is ready.


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