New section: LibOvs — Help appriciated


In the very near future I want to compare LibreOffice with all of the other office suites around, and hopefully LibreOffice will win quite often.
I won’t look for things to compare. I need YOU!! It would not be very fair, if I am looking for the challenges and be the judge at the same time 😉

So, please send me your favorites via mail.
Please attach a screenshot and a short description. Thanks for your help 😀


Florian R.

3 thoughts on “New section: LibOvs — Help appriciated”

  1. Hi Florian, I have just seen your blog entry that you plan to compare LibreOffice with other office suites. I think you are aware that there is already a comparison table between LibreOffice and Microsoft Office in the documentfoundation wiki (this comparison focuses on the differences between the office suites and does not show features which are present in both). The table is regularly updated and should be almost comprehensive. (Just the comparison between MS Access and LibreOffice Base lacks still a lot of feature differences; the table should be fine for Writer, Calc and Impress).

    If you think of a full feature-by-feature comparison (comparing all features that are present in the compared suites), this will be a very long document. You can find a link to an old version comparing OpenOffice with Microsoft Office 2007 here:



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