Server Installation GUI 4.1


It’s time to announce the latest release. Due to one major change you will lose all your settings (The settings file will be stored in a different place). With this version we start to collect data about the usage of the program. This is opt-in, so no need to worry. @All: Thanks for your help translating, which is very important for the usability.

As always, a screenshot of the current version:

Server Install GUI 4.1.0
Server Install GUI 4.1.0



5 thoughts on “Server Installation GUI 4.1”

  1. Hi, my name is Rolando, I work for the IT. Center in University of Costa Rica (, we are migratting from msoffice to LO. I want to ask you for some help. It is possible install LO in a server with some extensions, templates..etc and latter replicate this to other pc’s over the network with the same specs?


    1. Hi Rolando,
      Good to hear, that you are migrating 🙂
      I really have to admit, that I am not an eypert in installing LibreOffice pre-configured on a high number of clients. I really would advise you to go to one of these mailing list: Mailing list for general discussions about The Document Foundation.
      Subscription: User support list for LibreOffice users needing help with a problem.

      As far as I can tell a normal installation with all the settings (templates etc.) in an addon should be the best idea… I hope this is at least some of the information you were looking for.

  2. Hi Florian: What a great idea. I just stumbled across your site. We’re investigating using LibreOffice in a hosted scenario. Can we run the resulting installs in server mode and then access LibO from the browser?


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