LibreOffice SI GUI – Call for feature proposals

UPDATE: voting is online now

A lot has been done during the last year. Currently this program has many exciting features, like

  • Manager for all installed LibreOffice versions
  • The ability to download 4 different up-to-date versions of LibreOffice
  • Locating and helping to edit the bootstrap.ini file
  • Translated in many languages

These features work really fine for Windows XP to Windows 8 and I really would like to add features. (Please click here to get to the LibreOffice ServerInstall GUI homepage) This post is to collect ideas, which features should be added. I am going to make a list of all possibilities right here. With all of the entries (which seems to be proper enhancements) I am going to make a poll. (Coming in a later post). So please comment, if your enhancement idea is not in the list yet:

  • Adding possibility to download any version of LibreOffice
  • Adding possibility to download any version of OpenOffice
  • Adding possibility to download debug master build
  • <Your idea might be here soon>

8 thoughts on “LibreOffice SI GUI – Call for feature proposals”

  1. Interessantes Programm. Folgende Vorschläge hätte ich:

    Download nicht über einen -Net Installer sondern zusätzlich per zip Datei,.
    Gibt es eine Messagebox, die einen beim Start auf eine neue online verfügbare Version hinweist?
    Die GUI ist nicht an die neue Standardtextgrößen von 125% in Windows 8 angepasst. Die GUI ist so nicht vollständig sichtbar, weil das Fenster nicht vergrößerbar ist.
    Wenn man durch dieses Tool neue Versionen testet, dann muss man m.E. auch die Verwaltung der persönlichen LO Einstellungen verwalten müssen. Man will doch mit dem Test nicht seine normale Arbeitsumgebung gefährden. So wie PortableAppz das tut.

    1. Mmmh, download as zip is not a good idea, because you are getting too much annoying warnings….
      I used this program on Windows 8 and was not able to detect any problems (old 1600×900 notebook without touch)
      IF you edit the bootstrap.ini as recommended the configuration is 100% individual to other LibreOffice installations. With this, it is possible to start different versions of LibreOffice – That’s a feature PortableApps is lacking IMHO…
      And yes, there will be a MessageBox saying, that a new version is available 😉 [That’s the pro of .NET]

  2. Please rename the installer from setup.exe to SI_GUI_x.x.x.x.exe
    I understand that it is easier for you (and for external links) but from a user’s perspective it is difficult to know if the file available is really a new version.
    Plus, having different names allows the user to keep the previous version (in case there is some incompatibility or regression…)

    1. Hi,
      With the current system it is impossible (or at least very difficult) not to have the latest version. As long as the setup.exe has no bug and points to the right destination, you automatically get the latest version. If a bug occoures, there is a possibility in the uninstaller to restore an older version. Hope that helps understanding…


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