LibreOffice Tutorials

There a lot of sites with tutorials of LibreOffice and there is documentation available. These two arguments are valid for a lot of languages, so why make tutorials?

  • People search for problems and want solutions which fits.
  • It’s a nice show off of features 😉

So, why not create another tutorial page? The ball is in your court. So, if you want a tutorial about something [I really try to do anything] please comment.

Happy commenting 😉


8 thoughts on “LibreOffice Tutorials”

  1. I have never got master documents to work eg. a large work with separate files for front matter including contents, list of diagrams etc, one file per chapter, separate bibliography and indexes, external files for diagrams etc.

    There used to be some instructions in the Writer manual but they were quite limited and never worked properly for me. I downloaded a template which does a lot ot it quite well (intended for German Phd dissertation), but doesn’t manage cross-references properly, and indexing (separately in several languages) seems to be impossible.

    At the moment, I simply have one huge file – 600 pages of type combined with detailed diagrams, data tables, appendixes, three indexes etc. It gets slower to update everyday. Any ideas, pointers, examples etc, would be gratefully received.

      1. Thanks for the pointer, but that is a version of the old documentation to which I referred – it all looks good, but it simply doesn’t scale to any working size. Every attempt which I have made (including using the aforementioned template) ends up with cross-references, numbering systems, and/or indexes not updating properly, often not even being available to insert. It appears that one needs to refresh the whole document (ie. all the sub-documents) every time one makes any sort of change, which is even more time-consuming that running a massive single document. Perhaps this is just a task beyond LibreOffice – at least it is better than Microsoft Office which has a tendency to crash and destroy your documents.

        1. Without being pessimistic I doubt one exists, but as you are probably in a better position to find something than me, please keep an eye out for anyhting useful.
          Thanks for your time.


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