Personas in LibreOffice – Color your Office !

Do you know personas? Created for Firefox, perfect for LibreOffice! 🙂

12 thoughts on “Personas in LibreOffice – Color your Office !”

  1. nice idea, although IMHO it’s lacking in implementation.
    When you have entered a persona in the URL field, and then open it again, the URL is gone, so when someone sees this nice persona/theme I have installed in LibreOffice, I cannot tell them which one it is.

    It would also be nice with a list to select between the ones you have already tried.

    And most importantly – it seems that you are missing the feature for the menu to change color along with the theme. If I install a dark theme in firefox, it typically changes the menu to be written with white text, but LibreOffice keeps the menu text black, so you actually cannot see the menu. I haven’t found any way to change the color myself.

    Also – a little unrelated though – to me it seems that there is missing an apply button in the options, I have to reopen the options dialog every time I want to see what a persona looks like in LibreOffice.

    Looking forward to the feature being more fully implemented 🙂

    1. Hi,
      I really understand your problems…
      It would be great, if you submit bugs for each individual issue.
      And please put me in CC of every single bug, which you file for personas. I am going to try to confirm it…

      All bugs concerning personas:

      My mail is reisi007 gmail com….

      You may file your bugs using Bugzilla directly or via
      Thanks for your work…

      1. Hi, I have created these as bugs in bugzilla. I have also confirmed that the one about the menu items not changing color is NOT present on my Ubuntu 12.04 – 32-bit installation.

  2. I have the same problem. Dark persona, menu font remains black and therefore unreadable.
    I am running PCLinuxOS 2013. Ditto on other comments of Heine above.

      1. Great to hear. Do you have a time window when the improvement for the menu font for dark themes could be available?


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