Test LibreOffice version 4 with Windows


I really want to give everyone one big chance, you just have to accept, that it is not perfect now, but you can help to improve the 4.0 release of LibreOffice…

So there are some ways:

1) You 100% know how you want to install a testing build properly

I will give you the links for alpha1+ and (just to be sure) a link to bugzilla, with me automatically added to CC…

2) You are not sure 100%  how you want to install a testing build properly or configure it.

I am going to show it using my program, but it basically is this tutorial.

  • Download my program
  • Press Download latest master
  • Meanwhile:
    • Configure the installation directory
    • If you want to have a subfolder created automatically, check the check box. A name has been created automatically, but you can change it
  • Click: Start installation
  • After installation seems to be completed and you don’t want to have your profile used (and maybe damaged), click open bootstrap.ini and follow the instruction shown in the tool-tip  when hovering over the large texfield. (Don’t worry, you just have to copy one thing – so don’t worry)
  • Open the folder you installed LibreOffice to and open the folder “program”. Double click soffice.exe and you are done.

Your LibreOffice 4 build has been installed parallel to your normal LibreOffice installation with a separate profile.

You can submit bugs in two ways:

However, if you have a question, don’t hesitate and ask me 🙂

11 thoughts on “Test LibreOffice version 4 with Windows”

  1. This looks really good, but I cannot make it work. I keep getting that the little program (server install GUI) is not a valid windows 32 application. I would like to test it, but safely, as I use LO for all my work as a teacher. There are a few bugs I have reported that are meant to be fixed in 4.0 and I would like to work through my folder of files that have had issues and see if I agree that they are fixed.

      1. Hi
        I’m Windows XP (and it is kept up to date). I have tried downloading it again (in a different browser), but had the same problem. I cannot reinstall as it is installing it which is causing the problem (sorry, should have made that clear!).

  2. Thanks Florian, I tried LibreOffice (LO) 4.0 β, installing it in parallel with the older version. I had already installed the older version earlier. I did this in Windows 7.

    I would like to install the 4.0 β in Linux (Ubuntu). The instructions at this website is very complicated: http://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Installing_in_parallel

    Please could LO make it easy for users to install different versions parallelly like Opera (Browser) has done with Opera Next in Windows & Linux?

      1. I have done this in Windows 7 & both versions (Stable & Beta) work great.

        However, all the online help talks of ‘purging’ the previous version in Linux (Ubuntu). Bjoern Michaelsen has given an informative link: http://skyfromme.wordpress.com/2012/12/12/libreoffice-test-marathon-bibisect-4-0-and-ubuntu-packages/

        Unfortunately, this is a bit too complicated for a person like me, non-IT guy, so was hoping that in future if it would be possible to have test packages like Opera Next where one can just double click & install in parallel, side by side in Ubuntu. In other words, the simplicity of testing LO in Windows should be brought to Ubuntu.


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