LibreOffice Server Installation GUI v2,1


Yesterday v2.1 has been released.


  • Added some languages. Now available:
    • Da (New)
    • De (Updated)
    • En (Updated)
    • Es (New)
    • Fr (Updated)
    • Sl (New)
  • Added Help (Thanks to Rainer)
  • Added Notify Icon wich displays useful information (hopefully)


5 thoughts on “LibreOffice Server Installation GUI v2,1”

  1. Hi Florian
    can you please add pt-PT column to the LibreOffice Server Installation GUI translation file, and allow me to edit it on Google Docs.

    Do you need anything else from my part?

    thanks in advance


  2. Hello Florian,

    I can’t download the file. I got 403 Forbidden.
    (Also, IIRC I couldn’t download your posted file (bplaced) with same error, but this was a long time ago …)


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