LibreOffice UI Prosposal – 2

So, after my first try (LINK) I tried hard to create a mockup for writer…

So, just a few words to say: All the menus on the top are only visible when “Start” is pressed. All other menus are still visible. More info at the older post 😉 .


12 thoughts on “LibreOffice UI Prosposal – 2”

  1. Please use all the panels (except maybe the topmost one) -> on the sides wider <- and _not_ higher.

    This brings a huge advantage: one has far more space to fill in with (useful) stuff.

    Nevertheless I'm glad that there is at least some progress in the very old-fashioned UI-department.

    Oh, and consider changing the standard fonts, as Arial and TNR are very ancient and old fashioned. I just wanted to mention it.

  2. After on the sides: Monitors these days are wider and not higher.

    It seems this side cannot even post posts correctly. Quite cool, no?

  3. Hi!
    Nice to be read 😉

    At first, thank you to think about my ideas….
    Well AFAIK there might be a change in the standard template soon 😉

    And now to sum up: Don’tr be that direct…
    I have created this pic with GIMP (Great tool) and it visualizes my ideas better then my drawings…

  4. Please don’t do things this way… M$ ribbon is really NOT the way ti go… Check Lotus Symphony, Calligra, Corel WordPerfect, iWorks, etc. One fixed toolbar on the top and the context toobar on the right side…. Is far better than this and the next mockup.

    Why do i need to login to post a comment? why can’t use another service login service?

      1. ”BTW: Either you login to a service or you simply leave your E-Mail and Name”
        I treid and didn’t worked… It asked me to login with WP… You could at least add an option to login with Google.

        ”For many people Ribbon is *the* way…”
        I know… People who don\’t know anything else… Ribbon is better than M$ Office 2003 but it’s NOT better that anything else on the ”market” if you ever used anything you would understand. I you want to copy sth just copy Lotus Symphony.

        One example… The font options are only needed when you are editing text so they can be hidden when you are doing sth else… That’s what happens in Lotus Symphony and Corel WordPerfect… you only see the options you need… With ribbon you have a LOT of clutter you don’t need and some of the options you need are hidden.

        1. Favorites… so more clutter? A good interface show what you need when you need so you don’t need to bother to configure favorites.

  5. If I understand correctly, you are proposing a “do it yourself” UI by introducing your favourites? I find that amazingly fantastic!!

    No matter what the hardcore dudes say here “ribbon” or “Lotus is the way to go”: they only want you to replicate what they know.

    This is not how progress actually works: go ahead with whatever you had in mind and don’t listen to the other people say – this is exactly what Steve did ;-). Otherwise we would still be surfing the web with gopher (if you don’t know it, google it 🙂 ).

  6. to tell you the truth, I really love ribbon. it was a pain when i use ribbon for the first time, but then when i get used to it, i think it is a lot better than the traditional UI. i’ve tried calligra, it is a big NO from me


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