LibreOffice UI Prosposal

Hi there!

Last time [1] I wrote something about a touch UI. Now I got an idea of how the standard LibreOffice might look like:

The pic on the left shows the following:

  • On the first pic you can see the most important change…
  • The “Flexy” UI has exactly 4 options:
    • Where should the menu be displayed? (2 options)
      • Top/ Bottom ; Left / Right
    • Should the favorites be displayed Yes / No
    • Ribbon like menus or classic menus (On the draft ribbon like; no favorites when choosing standard
  • When clicking on a menu, there should be a lot of buttons with pics used AND the arrangement should be easily changeable
  • The help menu should have a “Copy build information” button –> Compare with GeoGebra…
  • Like in b) There should be a button in the right bottom corner to pin  the whole thing –> Then it would be exactly like MS Ribbon + Favorites 😉

The pic on the right is quite the same…

  • On the top the menu is shown vertically on the left side.
  • b) shows the menu
  • And in the bottom you can see an example configuration..
    • Have a closer look to the “Format” dialog. The favorite is the font selector –> Not only buttons should be possible, everything should….
      • Keep in mind: “Format” is a rather short word, so the width can be quite high, but you can easily change it with 4 settings 😉

So, to sum up, what do you think about it?
Is a UI in development yet?

Please comment!


4 thoughts on “LibreOffice UI Prosposal”

  1. I am pretty sure that I already saw some of your Ideas somewhere (for example a vertical Menu bar?) somewhere. I believe you should discuss that (for example with ChristophNoack) on


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