LibreOffice Touch UI – Prosposal


On every sideshow, which is shared via slideshare, there is one major problem: “There are no plans, how the LibreOffice Android UI should look like” (Don’t start searching, this is not a quote!)

What I wanted to say: I (not involved in either the UI or design team [if you want the reason, have a look at my drawings later on….], created a few hand-drawn sheets. This might be a way, how the LibreOffice Touch UI should look like. I have not and won’t ever talk of a “mobile device” or “Android” or “iOS” UI [@offtopic: but I would like to see iLibreOffice….]. Windows 8, which might success on tablets as well as on handys and (hopefully) on the normal desktop, is the reason why I am talking of a “Touch UI”.

So, first step done, if you want to see the pics, here they are: 

So, after criticizing my drawing abilities ;), let’s get back to our topic: What do you think of this touch UI??

I hope, you like it as much as I do 😉

Well, I really don’t think these pictures are totally self-explanatory, but as far as I am concerned, it is a waste of time describing everything at this very point.

I am quite sure, that you are having loads of questions after watching these drawings, so don’t hesitate and comment here:



7 thoughts on “LibreOffice Touch UI – Prosposal”

  1. I like a touch UI. I like your rough sketches as well. I suppose [starting with tablets] this might work ok. I kind of feel once you get into phone devices [which it will inevitably go to], you are going to run into screen real estate issues on some of the presented slides. Unless, you use a swipe left or right to get to the [ie recently opened files menu or some of the side menus you have drawn [kind of like Dolphin and other web browsers handle it [[they swipe left or right for bookmarks for example]]] I do like the simple style you presented though; doable I think.


    1. Hi Rob!

      Thanks for commenting 😉
      Year, indeed I had a closer look at the tablets. there is only one real reason I did this:

      You can’t have something like I did on the “portrait mode” pic on a tablet – ok you *could* do, widescreen UI for displays under let’s say 5-6 inch width.

      I really want to say one thing clearly: We have to say goodbye to the old UI concept (Same UI for Windows + Linux + Mac.

      All in all we need 2,5 or 3 different UIs.

      a) Standard UI –> Todays UI @ Windows Linux and Mac OS
      b1) Big Touch UI –> For tablets with a screen larger than 5-6 inch
      b2) Small Touch UI –> For smartphones with screens to 5-6 inch + as a portrait mode for tablets.

      But it is important that the user is “libre”

      The user should be able to choose the UI he wants to work with on every single device he ( she installs LibreOffice…..

      Florian R.

  2. I (like so many others) have warned Libre Office (and OpenOffice Office) years ago that they absolutely had to start working on a touch interface. It was obvious that everything would become touch-oriented really fast, and that just a few years later people would be using tablets instead of laptops and desktops.

    well that time has come now, and since nobody has listened in the open source world, it has fallen WAY way behind, and now has years to catch up. :knock:
    why did they not notice sooner that no touch interface means a slow death for the open source world??
    now ubuntu is finally noticing that touch interface is the most important thing to work on, but how can ubuntu be seen as a serious tool if there’s no office tools on it?

    Please, open source community, it might not be too late. put all your combined efforts into making programs like Libre Office 100% touch-friendly. Unless you want to see yourself forced to switch to Windows 8, 9 or 10 in a few years.

    now listen to Florian and get to work on it!


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