Bugzilla – Some things I want to see (soon!)

I have been working (more or less) with Bugzilla for about one year now. Today I heard, that LibreOffice plans to have their own Bugzilla. So it’s time to talk about Bugzilla:

Better UI

There is no good working desktop client, but if you search just a better UI /at least I love this UI), try this (@bugs.freedesktop.org): Go to the Preferences and choose “Dusk” as your style.

Pros of having our own Bugzilla

  • We could use other styles like
  • We could combine Wiki -+ Bugzilla logins (Link to a rather old plugin. I do not know if it is still working…)
Personally I like this theme by Long Doung ( It is LibreOffice like – somehow…)

Worked on it since late November. Majority of the design work is in place, but fine details aren’t quite there yet. Enhancements can be made as you go along. If you have any questions, I can be contacted through here – http://lduong.com/contact/

  • No one can work properly, if he hates the theme, so we should offer a huge variety of themes (Example: I could never work with the Classic theme.)

Other pros

MediaWiki integration

Strikes through solved bugs


Latest Bugzilla

Why do we recommend anyone the latest LibreOffice (from this or the last branch)?? It is a) safer or/and b) better

So why do we have to use Bugzilla 4.0.2 [4. August 2011](Checked on 19.05.2012), when 4.2.1 is out [18.April 2012]

Quotation of fixes + improvements from: http://www.bugzilla.org/news/ and subpages

4.2.1: 2 security issues fixed

4.2: “It has been a year since we released Bugzilla 4.0 in February of 2011, and this new major release comes with several new features and improvements. This release contains major improvements to search, support for SQLite, improved WebServices, and lots of other enhancements. All of today’s releases contain security fixes.”

4.0.4: “All of today’s releases contain security fixes.

4.0.3: “all of today’s releases contain security fixes.


  • We need additional webspace
    • Is QA that worth??
    • HELL YES! – If bugs.freedesktop is down very often we


So tell me a reason:

Why we are not having our own Bugzilla!

I can’t see any cons! – You?


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