LibreOffiice is doing a great job !

At Italo’s blog  I heard a complain: Why has LibreOffice so much more contributors, but still “new” features are lacking. New features are important, you can’t change everything now. Have a look at this PDF file ( also by Italo). An online version is planned, one for Android and one for iOS, with LibreOffice a variety of feature tweaks were announced ( One of them is a little bit tricky). So why,, why YOU should blame LibreOffice. Learn C++ and go ahead. Make a new UI, get criticised by some people, some other might give you a helping hand, but radical changes have a bad side too:

  • You have a lot of work programming a new UI
  • Your work might never be accepted, very often you have to do a lot of changes…
  • Even if I repeat myself: You really have to be able to take criticism.

So LibreOffice does, all in all, good work. I exclusively prepared an Updated Version of the (rather unpopular) NO Comments diagram:

NO COMMENT Update:15/03/2012
NO COMMENT Update:15/03/2012

Compared to the number of releases, LibreOffice, or the Team around LibreOffice does a very great job. BTW: Today ( and I have included this) LibreOffice 3.5.1 has been announced. THAT is what WE wanted: We, all of us, are doing a very great job and if you do not think like this there are a few ways possible:


7 thoughts on “LibreOffiice is doing a great job !”

  1. I think a small changes in new icons, theme and a lot of people would see this as a big step forward. Also a lot of PR would be around there on FOSS news sites etc.

    This is not so coding oriented but design.

  2. Sure: LibreOffice is doing a great job. It’s really amazing to see that finally we have a complete and very usable Free Software Office suite being developed by a whole community in a real open source spirit and that things are starting to get moving.

    But still, much work needs to be done to convert more people. I think this pcpro review nicely explains this:

    The fact that LibreOffice looks old fashioned with its two standard toolbars (resembling Microsof Office 2003, so that’s almost 10 years old!), is a criticism I see constantly coming back on many forums. Personally I don’t really mind, and as a Linux user I’m very happy with LibreOffice, but if you want to attract more people, than this is an issue which will need to be worked on rather sooner than later. I think the fact that no sign is given that this issue will be treated in the future, is worrying people.

    In any case, I’m happy with the evolution LibreOffice has made since it emerged, and I think nobody is criticizing that.

  3. I think that your attitude is destructive for LO. It’s like “if you don’t like LO, learn to program or get the fuck out”. It’s not the way to talk with users.

    I really appreciate all the hard work LO developers have put into suite. I know they are doing difficult and most important task of refactoring and cleaning up really old codebase they have inherited from OOo. I know that it has to take some time.

    But from end-user point of view, who neither knows nor care for program internal mechanism, LO is not that different from OOo. I read changelogs regularly and most new/improved features are so minor, that only few users will notice it (without reading changelogs). Yet LO/OOo lacks some serious features, which makes it even unusable in some scenarios (think about Bibliography component).

    I wish best luck for LO and am patient. I wait until code is cleaned, at which point perhaps developers will take care of introducing new features. I am looking forward for that moment. But until it happens, real users will complain about LO, which – for them – changes only version numbers.

    1. Yes, my words were a little bit offensive, but it is too easy to criticise something, you do not really know. For you, like most of the users, it is only a changing number, but loads of bugs have been fixed since the splitup of Libre/OpenOffice….

      For THE USER it is important to have

    2. A lot of features
    3. NO bugs
    4. And that is utopian.

      PS: LibO and are IMHO very different, when you are a part of the LibreOffice family…

  4. I only remind on the “auto-update”. At the moment it isn’t working on any suite, but (by definition) it should working on both without any bigger problems… LO has to build up servers and other structures and getting that “online”. This isn’t really so hard to do nowadays.


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