Personal BSA

Do you know the BSA (Bug Submission assistant) at LibreOffice ?? For some people this is  great, because

  • it is much easier to file a bug compared to freedeskop. I have linked these two sites for better comparability…)
  • It is more GUI, you can click on things and
  • your OS and browser are detected automatically at LibreOffice BSA

I do think that there are some disadvantages too:

  • You have to register to freedesktop
  • Because there is no help, a bugs sometimes needs time to get helpful (NEEDINFO)

So I tried to code a personal BSA. It is neither official, nor is it sure it will ever be used, but I really want to know what YOU think. Please comment your view (BUT please also tell me, whether you are involved into the LibreOffice project and it would be YOUR turn to file the bugs to freedesktop!). Here you get the link to it: pBSA by me


  • Bugs can also submitted in the native language.
  • More bugs will be submitted ==> Might be false positive or duplicates…
  • The LibreOffice community could be the first with a pBSA.


  • Translation and manually filing needed
  • No attachments possible ==> They could post a link or tell that they have a test file. A person could ask the submitter to send him the attachment personally
  • More manpower needed

Finally, I insert here a survey (1 –> Best 5 –> Worst):


7 thoughts on “Personal BSA”

  1. “Bugs can also [be] submitted in the native language.” Did you mean the human language or the programming language?

    1. Sorry for non being clear…
      Bugs are normally filed in English, but with a pBSA bugs could be filed (if the community of this language wants to) in German or French…
      And this bug reports must get translated into English..

  2. Aside from logging in bugzilla, I don’t see what this carries.
    There is no more help than the current BSA, which provides details on components, and could provide on sub if you click on links.
    And they provide ways to attach files.

    Tech point: Why do you use xxx for new line since the text area itself supports new lines ?

    1. I had to use something, because without that I am not sure how it is working.
      BTW: English should just be a fallback. YOU won’t need it, but a person, who only speaks his native language will NEED it. That are two different user groups…

      About using “xxx”… I need to secure it, so that the new lines are broken… Do you have a idea how to solve it?

  3. I think you’re wrong in the process.
    If user is not able to write in English, he should ask for translation support from his NLC. That’s the better way since it also ensures description had a meaning.
    Translating after submitting may become hard if user does not follow his bug (as many does) or even could not understand other people, mainly talking in english.
    Maybe we could add a localized message about that in the first step of the current BSA, based on you browser language.


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