Better UI for inserting Header and Footer

Today I want to put LibreOffice’s UI in the limelight:

The change is not radical at all, but it should make everything easier. Cédric Bosdonnat added a new UI for the header as well as the footer. Do you think that is not worth talking? It is! Because the very only way to insert a header (or a footer) was till  LibreOffice 3.5 to use Insert –> Header. When you drag your mouse in LibreOffice 3.5 to the right place  a blue button will get visible, displaying either “Header” or “Footer”.

Personally I needed some training, till I discovered when the button is getting visible. Here a quick step by step guide.

  • Do not try to place the mouse, where the button will appear.
  • Place the mouse anywhere in the header (or footer) area
    • After one second you will see the blue button
    • Now get to the button without leaving the header (or footer) area
    • Push the button

3 thoughts on “Better UI for inserting Header and Footer”

  1. This is a gaping design wound in LibreOffice. I switched from OOo the moment I knew LO existed. Now that Apache runs it I’m switching back and hoping REALLY HARD that OOo does not have this horribly annoying feature. Killed the product/project with this design turd, nice job. UNUSABLE!

    If OOo incorporates this, there’s always Leafpad from now on.


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