LibreOffice Auto-Update

LibreOffice introduced the new “Online Update”.

Why have I named this post “Auto-update” ?

Well, if you want to, you easily can turn the Online Update to an Auto Update. All you have to do is changing at least one option. (Do not worry, the maximum is two) At first open the Options dialog ( Tools –> Options…). In this dialog open the Online Update settings page.

Make sure, that “Check for updates automatically” is checked and “Download updates automatically” should be checked in the same way. (See picture above).  At this point you may change the download destination to a better destination…

So – now you have transformed “LibreOffice Online-Update” to “LibreOffice Auto-Update”.

3 thoughts on “LibreOffice Auto-Update”

    1. Here I have to quote LibreOffice’s Online help

      After the download is complete, you can click Install to start the installation of the update.

      As far as I am concerned it is nevertheless an auto-update, because you do not have to download it manually. In fact I do not know, how it will look like, we will see when 3.5.1 is out….

      1. This is quite different and much more complicated on a Linux machine:

        You’ll have to extract the downloaded *.tar.gz file, cd into the deb/rpm folder, call the respective installation program (e.g. sudo dpgk -i *.deb), cd into the folder desktop-integration … and so on. 😉

        An official ppa would be fine.


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