2 points of view

Well, there are always two points, never one. For one company, the first is better, for the other the second. Yesterday I was writing about a problem of open source office suites nowadays (LINK). Here I made it visual in a different way:

Point of View
2 different point of views (Click on the picture for a more detailed view)

On the top I the x-axis is the time, on the bottom the x-axis is “Innovation”. I won’t write more, because this picture is worth more than thousand words!

Enjoy 😉


2 thoughts on “2 points of view”

  1. Please, define “innovation”. Yes, I’m serious: for sure LibO have many new and cool features not available on OOo/AOO, but on the other hand it is also true that AOO 3.4 will have features absent on LibO 3.4, like *native* (i.e., no third party libraries used on convoluted ways) SVG support and many others, not to mention that AOO if free from the (well known) regressions on the Graphite2 engine introduced on LibO 3.4…

    PLEASE, there is no war between AOO and LibO: both are valid projects! You will not make LibO better by telling everyone that “the enemy” is worst than you or by declaring it did not evolved “faster enough” (!!) during this very difficult transition. If you believe LibO is the greatest thing after sliced bread, that’s fine: just go on developing it and using it. LibO is a great project with a very brilliant future but this series of completely useless “no comments”, “graphs worth a thousand word” and all that stuff do not help anyone and as a matter of fact is becoming a bit tiresome…

    Just the 2¢ of a 10+ year Writer user.

    1. Well, I as a non-native speaker thought, that “innovation” means to have many new features. All in all, thanks for your comment, I will have a closer look to find great things to talk about.


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