Jungle out there

Well, “Jungle out there” is not only a song by Randy Newman, it is a big problem of open-source office-suites. There is not only the traditional “OpenOffice”, there are also two forks: “LibreOffice” and “White Label Office”. I do now, that this was some time ago, but I do think, that it is very important.

I prepared a chart about the way the three suites (or better the community beyond) behaves.

Apache OpenOffice

White Label Office


How many releases in the past six month (excluding betas and RCs ) 0 0 4
Last release (including betas and RCs ) (Format: DD.MM.YY)
Deadline: 19.02.2012
12.04.11 (OpenOffice 3.4 beta) 23.12.11 (White Label Office 3.3.1 rc1 ) 14.02.12 (LibreOffice 3.5.0)
Why are there that less releases? (my opinion…) Because the code has to be transformed, so that it is compatible to the Apache license This RC was just a protest against the slow release plan of Apache OpenOffice I can’t complain here….
From which of the other two open source  office suites could be code taken?? None – Because of their license From both From both

You may have noticed why the jungle must be cleaned. For me, and this is just my opinion, there is not enough manpower to win against any other office suite or against the goliath “Microsoft Office”. All of us should take a deep whistle of the peace train and we should agree on a name, because basically we do want the same.

3 thoughts on “Jungle out there”

  1. M. Meeks pointed out that the AOOo code can’t be taken as you suggest your readers. Technically so many lines of code changed that taking over code makes no sense on general bases but just in case something is worth the effort.

    Source: http://people.gnome.org/~michael/blog/2011-09-06.html

    BTW, generally I can’t get the point of the pointless rants regarding AOOo vs. White Label Office vs. LO vs. … .
    Didn’t we have that in the past with Linux vs. BSD, KDE vs. Gnome, … . Get over it, there are nicer things to talk about (new features …).

    1. In the same way I have written it in the other comment, I will move my main focus on the new features. Might be more helpful….
      Nevertheless – Thanks for your comment. You are helping a new writer to get his style….


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