LibreOffice Server Install GUI – Parallel Installation GUI for Windows

LibreOffice Server Install GUI v
LibreOffice Server Install GUI v

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What is the audience of this program? Everyone, who wants to perform a parallel installation of LibreOffice without using the command line. The aim was to give You the total control of what will be done, but it should be intuitive from the first time you use this program. Also downloading the latest LibreOffice build should be as easy and with least possible number of clicks. Also it should be a tool for the QA – Team of LibreOffice to have an easy and quick access to all the versions available. – Florian Reisinger

  • Due to secfixes, you were unable to download the stable branch
  • Other bugfixes

  • Recoded internal download manager
  • Path of SDK is now remembered

  • You now can drag and drop the installation folder

  • L10n update

  • Drag and Drop installer files (Drag it to the button. E.g. “Open LibreOffice installer”
  • The folder, where you last found a file is saved (!! different folders might get saved for Installer, helppack and SDK!!)
  • Minor bug fixes

  • Everything broken in – should be working again
  • Finished SDK implementation

This is a hotfix release for the 4.3 has a problem saving your settings. What cannot be done in this version:

  • Abort downloads 
  • Guess the name for shortcuts [You have to enter/copy paste it manually]

  • Started big refactoring behind the scenes (in future you will be able to download the SDK)
  • Fixed a crasher bug, when no testing build is available

  • Updated guessing of version names (dailies only)

  • Master is online updated as well
  • Prepared everything for l10n update (next version)

  • Online updated for the branches
  • Removed greyed-out Download Any, won’t implement
  • Minor bug fixes

  • Updated list of Daily builds
  • Following branches available:
    • 4.1 (Daily_41)
    • 4.2 (Daily_42)
    • 4.3 (Master)

  • Tested with 4.2 branch and 4.3 master
  • Major BG reworks

  • Downloading now really works….

  • No crash, when updating a version (adapted to the website needed)

  • Fixed various download problems (Changed thinderboxes as some used do not exist anymore)

  • Download “Older version” works again
  • No special build for Win XP (master)

  • You can now choose TB 9 for the 4.1 daily (That means master for two branches: “master” and “libreoffice-4-1″
  • Planned version for the LibreOffice Milan Conference 2013

  • Fixed issue with TDF Piwik prompt
  • 2 thinderboxes can be chosen for master

  • Master for XP
  • It language

  • Gl language
  • En spell errors corrected

  • Improved UI
  • New help
    • Pt localized help

  • Added possibility to cancel all downloads

  • Fixed manager bug
  • Fixed helppack download issue
  • Fixed problem with auto-editing, if installation is aborted (–> No auto-edit should happen)
  • Fixed problem, that no settings are saved after first start

  • Automatically get the programs version number

  • Improved scaling of the progressbar
  • Fixed size of progressbar
  • “Go” button got Tooltips (text to be improved)
  • Fixed no path shown @ Manually add installation
  • Increased time the tooltip shows up.

  • Added possibility to add localized help

  • Improved language detection (in the background ATM)
  • Fixed bug, that Piwik tracking ID is not generated

  • HOTFIX Different location of master

  • Improved auto-update
  • Updated l10n
  • Fixed testing build download issue

  • Get rid from CMD stuff
  • Changed encoding to default one (So again data loss, sorry)
  • Introduced auto-update

  • Done my best in order to fix a bug, when saving with Russian characters in the name –> Incompatible change (Sorry) –> All settings lost

  • Manager bug fixed

  • Small enhancements of the new UI
  • Fixed manager
  • Easy / Advanced file renaming mode in order to safe diskspace
  • Download LibreOffice and launch a normal installation
  • Statistic collection using TDF Piwik
  • Choose where to download LibreOffice installation packages

  • New UI
  • Ability to download any version of LibreOffice (voted:22)
  • Unified download bar

  • Using original names of the download, instead of made up ones
  • Fixed crash, when downloading a helpppack
  • Helppacks of some languages had the size of 0 bytes (problem on SI-GUI side)

  • From now on it should work with other zoom levels than 100%

  • An appropriate message, when no testing version is available

  • Changed download location of testing builds

4.0.2 R 1

  • Hotfix for testing builds selector, if only one version is available at one time
  • Support for Windows XP

4.0.2 R 0

  • NL language added
  • Added selector for testing builds

4.0.1 L

  • Different hosting location
  • Compatible with newer versions

  • Fixed problem downloading 4.0 beta and naming problems because of this…

  • With this version, downloading the latest master is possible again (There has been a change in the link on the LibreOffice side)
  • Added a header to the built in downloader. Hopefully I get some statistics from the LibreOffice side….
  • Version of the GUI can be determined now ( HK#4 )
  • Hopefully it is now clear, what “Should a subfolder be created automatically”… (HK#8)
  • Shortcuts pointing to the soffice.exe of the last parallel installation can be created ( HK#10)
  • Manager added ( HK #15 )

  • Adding possibility to download helppack
  • Adding RTL as well as support for Hebrew language

  • Added some languages. Now available:
    • Da (New)
    • De (Updated)
    • En (Updated)
    • Es (New)
    • Fr (Updated)
    • Sl (New)
  • Added Help (Thanks to Rainer)
  • Added Notify Icon wich displays useful information (hopefully)

  • Some settings (Language and some paths) will be saved automatically
  • Installation in an automatic generated subfolder is possible now
  • Available languages: De and En (Fr is still not perfect)
  • Some behind the scene things:
    • We are at github
    • We need some tester ;)
    • We need feedback ;)

  • Added language selector (Your chosen language will automatically get saved
  • French UI still testing….
  • RELEASE CANDIDATE (If French is OK I am going to Release the First Final version[] ;) )

  • Added support for multiple languages
  • Languages available:
    • German
    • English
  • Language testing (Strings not fully visible, subject to change…)
    • French

  • Added support for downloading the latest build of the latest branch  + latest build from older branch (e.g 3.6 latest 3.5 older) + OneClick access to the latest  testing build
  • Optimizations behind the screen ;)
  • BETA version

  • Fixed bug, now parallel installation works
  • Added possibility to download master with only one click [Internet connection required]
  • Explained a little bit better how changing the bootstrap.ini works…
  • BETA version

  • First version to release
  • ALPHA version

24 thoughts on “LibreOffice Server Install GUI – Parallel Installation GUI for Windows”

  1. Hello Florian

    Apart from being useful, LibreOffice Server Install GUI lacks 2 features:

    1. currently it uses proxy settings from the system, which prevents updates if there is a proxy set (such as TMG), so it should either use integrated authentication, manually entered credentials or set proxy option in order to specify direct link

    2. currently, parallel installations don’t register filetypes and don’t add to “open with..”, but there should be an option “set as default program” which should register all filetypes (maybe separately for ODF and MS or even all in one) so that we can use one of those parallel installations as a main office program

    1. I have to admit I do not really know anything about proxies, but the proxy-settings of the system (IE) should be the used ones by default….
      I have to ask a LibO Win expert here, but I think all those parameters are ignored…. Of course you may create a .reg file with all the registry entries or do that manually ONCE and overwrite the existing installation….

      Parallel installations are more extracting than installing….

  2. 1. Yes, proxy-settings of the system (IE) are used by default but this should be made optional, as I explained.

    2. Current installation probably sets WRITE_REGISTRY=0 and REGISTER_ALL_MSO_TYPES=0 like LibO-Dev, whuch is fine, but there should be 2 options to change this

  3. Hey,

    sehr schönes GUI und auch noch die passende Anleitung dazu!

    Leider kann ich in dieser Konfiguration nur als Admin darauf zugreifen.. Melde ich mich mit einem anderen User gleichzeitg an, bekomme ich die Meldung, dass bereits eine Sitzung LibreOffice läuft.
    Hab ich etwas falsch gemacht? Oder muss ich die Verknüpfung bei allen Usern installieren?

    Windows Server 2012, Clients greifen per RDP auf den Server zu

    1. Server installation ist hier wohl das falsche Wort gewesen… Dieses Tool ist dazu da mehrere LibreOffice Versionen auf einem Computer zu installieren. Sprich: nach der Konfiguration kam LibO auf einen anderen Computer kopiert werden (vorausgesetzt die MS C++ REDISTRIBUTABLES sind in korrekter Version vorhanden)
      Es tut mir leid, dass das Tool ihre Erwartungen nie erfüllen können , aber leider ist es schwer auch den blödesten Namen zu andern…


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