SI-GUI and BiBi-GUI updates


It has been quite a long time since my last blog post. I am afraid this post could be just a little bit too long. That’s why I want to start off with a summary: I created a small tool called LibO Tankstelle [LibreOffice gas station], which has been used at Cebit, updated SI-GUI and BiBi-GUI. And I need YOU: You can help me test and improve Bibi-GUI. @Offtopic: I made a small game FYI

Long version after the break:

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For all who want to risk an early look :P

Nothing implemented, but a colorful UI. I am very close to tell you, that after “Paralell installing has never been easier” (SI-GUI) “Binary- Bisecting has never been so easy” (“BiBi-GUI”, name may differ later)

Downside: You need git installed – sorry for that ;)


History of the UI of Server Install GUI


Pictures says it all, so please have a look at the gallery. What’s your favorite? Please comment

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